“Shiatsu helps you to become healthy(-ier)”

Needle-free acupuncture

Shiatsu literally means “finger pressure” (“shi”: finger; “atsu”: pressure) and is also called needle-free acupuncture. Shiatsu combines Chinese acupressure with Western massage techniques. It makes use of different forms of touch, such as holding, pushing (with hands, thumbs, elbows, knees and feet) and dynamic rotations and stretches.

Ki/Qi/Chi and the 12 meridians

The starting point for Shiatsu is that energy, or Ki, circulates around the body within 12 meridians. Each meridian is like a river of energy which starts at a certain point in the body and flows to another. These 12 rivers of Ki bring life force to every cell in our body. If a dam is placed in a river, water is blocked, meaning that part of the river overflows, while another part dries up. When a meridian becomes blocked, part of our body receives too much Ki, while another part does not receive enough: this is how imbalance occurs.

A Shiatsu treatment aims to remove such blockages, so that energy can flow freely again.