hoe2“Shiatsu involves allowing yourself to trust and relax, and to feel and experience the changes in your body.”

A Shiatsu treatment takes place on a futon, which is a thick cotton mattress placed on the floor. It is best if you wear loose, comfortable clothing, without too much stitching, or too many zips or buttons. You stay fully-dressed for the treatment, but remove any jewellery and your watch. To prevent you from getting cold, I use silk covers during the treatment.

We begin with a cup of tea and a short chat, where you can tell me about any particular complaints. If it is your first appointment, we may take more time to talk. During our first meeting, I would like to find out more about your (health) history and any subjects which are important to your daily life.

We will then work together on the futon. By applying pressure and pulling and stretching, I will release the blockages in your meridians, enabling the energy to flow freely once more. In the beginning, it may feel sensitive or painful, but this will soon change to a feeling of space and relaxation.

A session lasts for 90 minutes.