voet kleinWe must constantly relate to our environment, which can cause us to lose balance. Do-in helps to restore that balance. The physical excersises of do-in improve the circulation of ki energy within the body’s meridians. It is therefore from the same school of thought as Shiatsu: prevention is better than cure. The exercises enhance your health. The repetitive exercises make you stronger. You not only feel stronger, but also more calm, helping you to react better to the things that come your way in life.

‘Do’ means “to open channels in the body and make energy flow more easily along certain paths”; ‘In’ means “stretching and moving of the limbs in order to achieve the goal of ‘Do’”.

We exercise in small groups (a maximum of 6 participants) in my Shiatsu studio. There is currently a group on Monday (17.00-18.00).

A series of 6 ‘lessons’ costs 50 Euros. You receive a punchcard once you decide to participate. Just give me a call when you want to have a try.